Wicket 1.5.1 released

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Right after Wicket 1.5.0 was released – we get the first maintenance release of the Wicket 1.5.x series. This release brings over 40 bug fixes and 15 improvements.
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Download the full distribution
http://www.apache.org/dyn/closer.cgi/wicket/1.5.1 (including source)

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Release Notes – Wicket – Version 1.5.1


  • [WICKET-3934] – Provide AttributeModifier#remove(String)
  • [WICKET-4029] – Improve RequestLogger to not do anything after IPageManager#commitRequest()


  • [WICKET-3773] – Onclick Script displayed as Link Text
  • [WICKET-3977] – Calling FormTester.select for DropDownChoice invokes onSelectionChanged with null argument
  • [WICKET-3991] – SignInPanel prevents the page being Stateless when signing in with the “rember me” facility.
  • [WICKET-3993] – Wrong ASCII Key Code for END Key. AutoComplete not working properly
  • [WICKET-3998] – CreditCardValidator returns incorrect cardId for VISA
  • [WICKET-4004] – PageExpiredException still thrown after handled by IRequestCycleListener
  • [WICKET-4005] – AutoHide of DatePicker breaks showOnFieldClick
  • [WICKET-4009] – Page Lock on Browser Back Button after Page Expiry
  • [WICKET-4010] – SignInPanel may lead to infinite redirects if there is rememberMe cookie with outdated data
  • [WICKET-4012] – Component’s onAfterRender() is called so many times as it is depth in the component tree + 1
  • [WICKET-4014] – Wicket 1.5 Form Post Action and Link Get discard Page Class Information
  • [WICKET-4016] – MarkupContainer.toString(true) fails with MarkupNotFoundException if the call is made in the component constructor
  • [WICKET-4020] – ResourceMapper throws IllegalStateException when attempting to map a request to a URL ending in a empty segment (directory)
  • [WICKET-4021] – PageProvider can instantiate pages even if isNewPageInstance returns false
  • [WICKET-4022] – Hidden auto generated field in Form has invalid value for autocomplete
  • [WICKET-4025] – AbstractLink does not detach body model
  • [WICKET-4030] – HeaderResponse.renderCSSReference does not render context path relative url, but wicket filter url-pattern relative url
  • [WICKET-4031] – TextRequestHandler doesn’t set Content-Length header
  • [WICKET-4032] – ComponentStringResourceLoader must not include the index of repeater items in resource lookup but still resolve properties to them
  • [WICKET-4038] – MountedMapper.mapHandler ruins Links inside mounted pages appending parameters wicket-ajax and wicket-ajax-baseurl
  • [WICKET-4047] – WebClientInfo causes NullPointerException when the request header “User-Agent” is null.
  • [WICKET-4048] – label’s wicket:for does not work completely for Radios
  • [WICKET-4051] – max-age header is set in milliseconds rather than seconds
  • [WICKET-4053] – AbstractTree#updateTree(AjaxRequestTarget target) is invoked even when request is non-ajax
  • [WICKET-4054] – Memory leakage in browser with AbstractAjaxTimerBehavior
  • [WICKET-4055] – LocaleFirstMapper does not strip Locale from url in getCompatibilityScore()
  • [WICKET-4058] – RadioGroup WicktTester with a AjaxSubmitLink fails
  • [WICKET-4059] – CheckBoxMultipleChoice does not respect isEnabled
  • [WICKET-4061] – Invalid listener url generated for nested components that have an id which starts with a dash
  • [WICKET-4063] – Theading issue in AsynchronousDataStore causes OutOfMemory exception
  • [WICKET-4066] – RestartResponseAtInterceptPageException.InterceptData is never cleared
  • [WICKET-4070] – Errors reported from Form#onValidateModelObjects() are ignored
  • [WICKET-4072] – Form Input example fails when changing the language
  • [WICKET-4073] – Wicket quickstart advertise HTTPS but it doesn’t work when started with jetty:run
  • [WICKET-4075] – Extended browser info gathering is broken
  • [WICKET-4080] – domready events not always fired in IE
  • [WICKET-4081] – WebRequest.getIfModifiedSinceHeader does not handle IllegalArgumentException
  • [WICKET-4082] – org.apache.wicket.request.Url#toAbsoluteString
  • [WICKET-4083] – WebResponse#enableCaching does not take care of a possible “Pragma: no-cache” header


  • [WICKET-2790] – Submitting a form with Ajax in WicketTester does not check if form is multiPart
  • [WICKET-2930] – Method isSelected in Select should be public
  • [WICKET-3938] – Impossible to remove particular key-value from PageParameters
  • [WICKET-4006] – Add a check preventing trying to add the current component as a child to itself
  • [WICKET-4023] – Please Allow AjaxLink to use getChannelName
  • [WICKET-4024] – Provide a Convenience API for usage of Ajax Channels
  • [WICKET-4028] – Improve PageInstanceMapper#getCompatibilityScore() to return higher value if the request starts with ‘wicket/page’
  • [WICKET-4037] – Archetype quickstart references release candidate
  • [WICKET-4042] – Typo in FormTester fail message
  • [WICKET-4044] – Change the style of “WICKET AJAX DEBUG” link when some error gets logged
  • [WICKET-4046] – Touch pages only when they are returned from the data stores
  • [WICKET-4049] – Enable SSL for quickstart to make debugging SSL errors easier
  • [WICKET-4052] – Add org.apache.wicket.request.Response.write(byte[], int, int) to make it easier to write buffered data to the web response
  • [WICKET-4067] – Register devutils only if IDebugSettings#isDevelopmentUtilitiesEnabled() is true
  • [WICKET-4068] – Assume that form.onsubmit() without explicit return value means that submit should proceed
  • [WICKET-4079] – Provide new HybridPageParametersEncoder class for backwards compatibility with pre 1.5.x Hybrid URL encoding

New Feature

  • [WICKET-4015] – Implement a listener which can be used to measure the render time of a component


  • [WICKET-4069] – Wickettester: submit select via AJAX