presents: The ROTJ Luke Skywalker Lightsaber presents: The ROTJ Luke Skywalker Lightsaber

A Return Of The Jedi Luke Saber, with crystal chamber, thin neck, and detachable blade. Normally this kind of thing takes me about 4 to 6 months, this one took four, as I was under a deadline for Christmas. This instructable was written based on my step by step photodocumentary at . You can see more prop builds and more description there

Raspberry Pi

What is Raspberry Pi? No, I didn’t make a spelling mistake, just take a look at this

It is a USB-powered, credit card-sized computer that comes with a network connection port, one or two USB ports ( model A or B ), HDMI out, composite RCA video and 3.5mm audio out, SD card slot, camera slot and up to 25 GPIO pins for various applications.

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