Kindle vs. iPad comparison review

I’ve just read a Kindle vs. iPad comparison from and it seems a little bit odd for me.

Let’s analyse the comparison:

Item Kindle iPad My comments
Price $199
$300 less than iPad 2
$499 true
Screen 7”, in-plane switching display 9.7″, in-plane switching display +1 for iPad
Pixel Density 169 ppi & more than 16 million colors
28% higher pixel density than iPad 2
132 ppi & more than 16 million colors +1 for iPad – More readable on a bigger screen, text
Weight 14.6 oz
iPad 2 is 46% heavier
21.28 oz That’s what the size takes – more weight
Content Movies, shows, songs, games, apps,
magazines & books from Amazon
Movies, shows, songs, games, apps,
magazines & books from iTunes
Seems like the same to me
Breadth of Ecosystem Most Amazon content can be enjoyed
on your Kindle Fire and many other
devices, including iPhone, iPad,
Android, BlackBerry, Windows 7
phones, internet-ready TVs, Roku,
TiVo, and through your web browser
Most Apple content can only be
used on select Apple products
I would look at this from a different angle – this means, that Kindle can only read amazon content, but iPad can read amazon content AND apple content. +1 for iPad
Buy Once, Enjoy
With Whispersync, your book library,
last page read, notes, and highlights
sync across your devices and you can
stream a movie on one device and finish
it on your TV, without losing your place
iBooks syncs only on Apple
devices – no sync for movies
As amazon says – all amazon content can be viewed on iPad too. And also iBooks, so +1 for iPad
E-mail Yes Yes Looks the same. Although I’m pretty sure that iPad has a better e-mail client
Web Browser Amazon Silk, the cloud-accelerated
web browser
Safari Safari is a real browser, Silk is something virtual. +1 for iPad
Flash Support Yes No This is where Kindle wins for sure
Storage 8GB flash memory + free cloud storage
for all your Amazon content so you
never run out of space
16GB flash memory + free cloud storage
for iTunes content excluding movies
Excluding movies? How long would you store your movies in your iPad? Once you watch it – you remove it. Or upload it to youtube 🙂 +1 for iPad – it also has 32GB and 64GB models
Battery Life Up to 7.5 hours of video playback,
with wireless off
Up to 10 hours of mixed use +1 for iPad – no limitations about WiFi being off
Multitasking Yes Yes
Wi-Fi Wi-Fi
Speakers Stereo Mono How is stereo better from a single device? I’ve never felt any difference
Prime Instant
Amazon Prime members can instantly
stream nearly 13,000 popular movies &
TV shows at no additional cost
N/A Amazon Prime is $79 / year. You can watch NetFlix on the iPad for $7.99 a month – not much more expensive.
Kindle Owners’
Lending Library
Amazon Prime members can borrow
from thousands of popular books
at no additional cost
N/A You can still have Amazon Prime membership and use a Kindle app on the iPad.

After all this I don’t see many benefits of Kindle, apart from the price, but iPad is totally a better device – that’s what it takes.