Spring 3.1 – No more XML?

Spring SourceNo more XML. Wait, I though Spring is all about XML? Not anymore.

As we could create spring application context without XML previously – now its easier than ever.

View new Spring 3.1 features that I wish to use:

  1. Spring Cache – finally got integrated into spring since v0.9 ( see blog about Cache Abstraction ), will also allow to control Cache Aspect order vs Transaction Aspect to make sure that cacheable don’t create transactions
  2. PropertySource Abstraction – Unified Property Management (SpringSource Team Blog)
  3. JPA EntityManagerFactory bootstrapping without persistence.xml – will allow creating JPA entities without XML config. Finally!

Other fancy stuff that you can find here: New Features and Enhancements in Spring 3.1

Can’t wait for the RELEASE version!

“Back-Up” – what does that mean?

Just voted in a poll “How often do you backup your business PC or laptop?” and I’ve discovered the results pretty much as expected – 25% of PC or laptop users never back up their data.

I think back up of the most important data is mandatory, as over my last 10 years I had so many accidents:

  • 3 times my hard-drive broke
  • n-times data was corrupted due to some software failure
  • n*x times I accidentally removed the data myself

Backing up data does not require a lot of time or resources, a simple external hard drive is more than enough, for most of the cases and just do weekly, or at least monthly copies.

Keeping data on a server ( web server, FTP server, gmail ) sometimes even a better option as usually the owners of the server do daily backups and you don’t have to worry about anything.

So if you haven’t done any backups of your important data yet – now is the best time to do that!

Adding the original poll from Linked In