Zilvinas Vilutis
Technical Release Lead // JEE, Solr, High Availability REST Microservices
San Francisco Bay Area | Information Technology and Services

More than 10 years experienced in J2EE environment, solved the most complicated problems and designed the most important pieces of a large system with over 1 million lines of code.

Experienced not only in financial subsystem design and implementation mainly in the area of insurance but also any part from the system back-end to front-end development.

I'm a fast learner and I've been exposed to a huge variety of languages, libraries and frameworks used. Holistic view of a project when analyzing requirements and providing solutions by breaking down complicated problems in to simple ones. Not afraid to "roll up my sleeves" and take on deep of whatever issue comes up.

Every day tasks & responsibilities include:
- Feature requirements analysis, providing estimates and architectural design where required
- Designing internal/external system integrations, domain models, infrastructure
- Code Reviews, Mentoring developers and XP
- Writing dev guidelines, how to use various frameworks
- Creating POCs
- Implementing what nobody else can ( usually in the given time-frame )

Software Engineer (2016 - Present)
Grid Dynamics
Privately Held, 501-1000, Information Technology & Services search & browse catalog functionality providing state of the art search algorithms serving millions of customers every day.

Combination of REST Services running on Java + Spring + Hibernate platform working with Lucene based and highly available and customized Solr search servers in multiple clusters of dozens of nodes.

- Technical Support for Release Management
- Identifying problems and providing solutions
- Improving and Ensuring Performance and Stability of and search engine, deployed on several hundreds of server nodes

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